“Littor[alter]ms” is at once a conceptual poem and a teaser for a forthcoming crypto-literary experiment. As a conceptual poem, it illustrates the (e)merging worlds of literature, NFTs, and crypto literature in a literal/literary translation of the ecotone. As a teaser, it unveils the main features and the underlying thrust of an upcoming experimental crypto-literary work whose seed was planted in a particularly fertile, ecotonal moment. The line of poetry in iambic pentameter set in relief at the meeting point of Shakespearean theater and NFTs reveals the crux of the experiment and our deep-seated ambivalence vis-à-vis a relationship that is both wholesome and transgressive.

Created specially for the Ecotone exhibition, to celebrate and benefit the Glitch community. Curated by Primavera De Filippi, Stina Gustafsson, Alex Estorick.

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