Looks Rare is an interactive crypto literary performance art installation in the metaverse, created in collaboration with Walt Reumano. It was unveiled during the VerticalCrypto Art resident artist auction on 29-30 September, 2021.

Inspired by Bill Viola’s 1996 diptych, The Crossing, and its confrontation of the perceived duality of creation and destruction, Looks Rare probes the question of rarity and value in the crypto landscape through the words “Drop” and “Burn”, as understood within the context of NFTs. Visitors to the installation vote for one of the words by minting the Drop or Burn POAP, which thereby causes the installation to change: votes for Burn fuel the flames, and votes for Drop release more water, until the flames become an inferno and the drops a torrent.

After the auction, the installation was divided in two — the side with the most votes minted as an NFT with number of editions corresponding to the votes, the other side minted as a 1/1, and airdropped to the owner of the Literarity NFT, which was auctioned during the VCA event.

The installation can be viewed in Arium Spaces